MMA Xtreme

Who We Are


MMA Xtreme takes pride in setting the trends for tomorrow's MMA & Boxing market. The Company has created the first Integrated Marketing Platform MMA Company to set the standard in this fast and ever changing world of sports, music, entertainment and production. The introduction of EN-TRO-BOX will fill the void currently existing among professional MMA events worldwide. This innovative platform is designed to re-invent the packaging and marketing of MMA for the future.

The Company

In 2010 Dean Coleman formed his own Marketing, Public Relations, & Production Company, SPR & Promotions in Las Vegas, achieving much local success. In 2012, Coleman formed "Fists Will Fly" (FWF) MMA Xtreme, with his new partners. 


MMA Xtreme shall produce and develop a bi-monthly syndicated professional MMA television program geared to the viewing masses in an "MMA & Entertainment" format to achieve mass viewership, mass potential and mass profitability. Additional revenues will also be generated from quarterly pay-per-view events, sponsorships and advertising revenues, merchandising of souvenirs, concessions, videos for sale via live events, mail order and the official FWF website, creation of an interactive MMA Xtreme social media campaign and personal appearances  

When MMA, Entertainment & Music Collide

When MMA, Entertainment & Music Collide